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Species diversity is the number of different species found in a particular area. However, conservation biologist often uses the term species diversity even when they are actually referring to species richness, i.e. to number of present species (Harrison et al., 2004). Dibrugarh district located in the upper Assam is well known for its biological richness. Similarly, the study area i.e., the Dibrugarh University campus is also having a good number of species diversity. The biological diversity found in the study area is often related to its vegetation cover, which is categorized into evergreen, semi-evergreen, deciduous, semi-deciduous and coniferous/alpine/others. The Botanical garden inside the campus has been considered as one of the protected area covering an area of 4.63 hectares.  It is famous for rare, valuable trees, fruits, medicinal herbs etc. Apart from that the north eastern part corner of the campus also having some forest covers including a tea garden. The present study involves identification and mapping of species diversity of prominent tree, grass and herbs in selected quadrants available in the study area. Plant communities are classified according to structure of canopy or type (tree, shrub or herbaceous) and dominance of taxa. The study is mainly based on primary data collected for the field study. For density analysis of species, 15 major species are taken for study and area is divided into 200m X 200m grids. The herbaceous plants are identified and analysis through quadrant method. The major 5 selective site are taken for study includes both grazing and non-grazing. Out of 103 herbaceous species there are 35 major species are identified which prominent inside the study area. These species are again classified into two broad i.e. Annual and Perennial. For canopy cover analysis of trees there are major 100 species are taken and average canopy area was measured.

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Lahkar, D. B., Das, M., & Deka, D. D. (2019). A Geo-Environmental study of Floral Diversity and its associated Issues in the Dibrugarh University Campus, Dibrugarh, Assam. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(8), 151-166. Retrieved from