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Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) is a UGC Care Listed Journal for research Publication by Thematics Publications. 

This journal aspires to achieve to the world of researcher for explore their talents and leasing them expose their acumen to exhibit their research pursuit. It would stress on creativity and innovation as the specialty, to forge ahead with the new ideas in the emerging new world. Today we traversed across countries, across cultures and made the world borderless, collapsing the barriers between countries. In the click of a mouse we have the potential to access the platforms, from one pole to the other; this gospel idea encourages us to publish journal. The publication shall allow the researchers to easily relate to each other idea around the world. Welcome to all viewers to be a part of our journey and make the journal enrich forever.

Vol 10 No 7 (2021): Vol-10-Issue-7-July-2021

Thematics Journal of Geography (TJG)  is a peer-reviewed journal for research Publication. Thematics Journal of Geography has been the academic journal of Thematics Publications. It publishes papers from across the entire subject of geography, with particular reference to public debates, policy-orientated agendas. 

Published: Jul 20, 2021

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