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The paper examines the people participatory approach towards executive process of drought management programmes of Mewat region of Haryana. It is an empirical study, based on 93 respondents, taken from three villages, who have been engaged in varied drought management activities within these villages. The study has thrown an adequate light on various levels of benefits and varied degree of satisfaction, derived from the drought management projects, executed in these villages, characterized with different topographical attributes. On the basis of findings of the study, varied inferences have been drawn from the study. This participatory approach has also been testified with correlation technique which shows the results in accordance with responses, responded by the people; belonged to various strata of rural society in their respective villages of Mewat region.

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Singh, S. (2019). People Participatory Approach: A Study Of Drought Management Programmes Through Mnrega In Mewat Region, Haryana. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(8), 50-61. Retrieved from