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Impact of termite activity on physical and physico-chemical characteristics of soils of termite mounds from two different rock formations in around barite mining area of Velpula, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh have studied and compared with corresponding adjacent termite-free soils. Termite mounds soil contain significantly lower bulk density, while higher organic matter, pH, and electrical conductivity (EC) than that of their corresponding adjoining surface soils  irrespective of the type of the mound soils collected in different rock formations. The variations in the physical and physico-chemical properties of termite mound soils may attribute to the variations in associated vegetation types and the microbial activity of the termite mounds. This study showed that activity of termites induced significant physico-chemical changes in the materials that they use to build their nests. Data presented in this study indicate that the presence of termites modifies the physical and physico-chemical properties of soils.

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Sekhar Reddy, L. C. (2019). Impact of Termites on Soil Properties: a Perspective Study from Barite Mineralized Area. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(8), 45-51. Retrieved from