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The education of young girls is important for the growth of our country as a whole. Empowering young girls through education is known to delay the age at which they get married, lower teen and child mortality rates, and improve the quality of life for the whole family and their future. The results of the study showed that most of the people who answered were not educated (80.83%), and most young women (42.96%) had only basic (31.69%), middle (16.19%), or high school education. Only 9.16% had a bachelor's degree or higher. Most of the respondent's daughters (54.55%) graduated from secondary school, followed by elementary (27.27%) and middle (18.18%) schools. Most of the respondent's young women who dropped out of school did so because of money problems (72.72 percent). Other reasons, like moving or not caring about school, accounted for 40.90 percent of the dropouts. Most of the people who answered the survey knew about the government scheme, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, which helps girls go to school. This means that most of the people who answered the survey are aware.

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