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Nowadays entrepreneurship is known as the growth and development engine of organization and societies. So well known universities of the world have planned on education and developing the entrepreneurial thinking. Entrepreneurship can be analyzed with two individuals and organizational applications. Individual entrepreneurship is the way of entrance for new resources and ideas to the market and organizational entrepreneurship is the way for the renewal of organizational competencies.  Investigating problem faced by female entrepreneur is considered to be key for the monitoring and explanation for the improvement in the unorganized sector and changes in material living standards and general welfare. People used to believe that women do not possess the quality or efficiency of the entrepreneur as the education and training received by them is not suitable for business ad in related industries.  Of female entrepreneurs this knowledge is clearly biased.

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Chakravarthy .C, G. (2019). A Study on Women Entrepreneurs in Informal Sector A Study in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(11), 467-473. Retrieved from