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Any language is difficult and easy. Language serves many purposes. Absence of language is mere dearth of communication. The role that language plays is immense, since time embarked. Identified as the need of the hour, the four necessities in language or commonly known as the four skills- Reading, writing, listening and speaking plays a vital role in any language.  They are separate yet bound together with an inseparable bond. Teachers should work to create the necessary condition for students to learn effectively and reach the desired outcome. The skills should be addressed in a way that helps students meet the standards for them and develop their communicative competence gradually. This encompasses: Listening and speaking: Listening skills plays a vital role in the teaching-learning cycle. A student learns better when he can listen better. All the way, listening should be enhanced in their life as to be a greater speaker. The attitude of the listener is another stepping stone to achieve this skill.

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