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Elements of Ethical Values include: Ethical values serve the ends of human well-being; The well-being promoted by ethical values is not personal and selfish well-being; No one  person’s well-being is to be counted as more worthy or valuable than any other’s; Ethical values promote human well-being in an impartial way. The main purpose of this research paper is to explore importance of ethical values and business ethics in today’s globalized world of high competition and to create awareness about concept and essence of ethical values and business ethics for sustainable progress this globalized world. Ethics is the study of individual and collective moral awareness, judgment, character and conduct. Business ethics is an art and science of maintaining harmonious relationship with society, its various groups and institutions as well as recognizing the moral responsibility for the rightness or wrongness of business conduct.  Values reflect a person’s sense of right or wrong. Values lay the foundation in understanding people’s attitude and motivation.

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