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Kerala has a lengthy coastal line across the state which includes many commercially significant tourist beach spots. In the era of globalization, the economic diversification and technological improvement has created a conducive environment for the tourism sector in the state. Many attractive and enjoyable beaches are here in this region as tourist destinations. Recently, Cherai beach has emerged as one of the favourite tourist destination of Cochin region. This coastal region has a unique historical and cultural tradition. It is believed as the ancient Muzris port was a nearby port of Cherai beach. This study is an attempt to examine the tourist potentials of Cherai beach, to analyse the direction of the tourist’s arrivals and to assess the environmental problems those have emerged as a part of tourism development in the region.

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.L, S. (2019). A Study on Waste Management to Enhance Green Tourism-An Empirical Observation of Cherai Beach in Kerala. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 887-896. Retrieved from