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In the Information era, rapid advancement in Information and communication Technology, Internet has made it so easy communicating around the clock 24 * 7.The capable Smartphone and Internet is most effective weapon in online networking promoting and had created numerous inspired portable applications. This paper accentuates the relationship between the farmer’s development in rural areas and social media marketing. For agricultural development practitioners, social media tools can expand the reach of your community, strengthen partner relationships, support programmatic initiatives, and provide a vital means to increase the visibility of your public profile and engagement discussion on usage of mobile social media. A new scheme is being launched to involve all the agricultural experts of the agricultural universities and many institutes in the country for effective and deeper reach of scientific farming to the villages.

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Kumari, P. (2019). An Impact Study on Rethinking Welfare on Farmer’s Economical Development and Dairy Development Using The New Hybrid Tool: Social Media Marketing. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 742-751. Retrieved from