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India lives in villages – the statement of Mahatma Gandhiji still holds good. Even today the majority of the population lives in rural areas and the agriculture continue to be an important sector in spite of its declining share in the Gross Domestic Product over the years. Our economy has become the self-sufficient in food production thanks to the green revolution and there have been voices to go for second green revolution for the sustained contribution of the agriculture and feeding the teeming millions of the economy. India actively involves in the export of primary products to the foreign nations thereby earns foreign exchange reserves. The Tamil people had wide maritime contacts with countries at the farther places. Port acts as a place of trade contact with the other nations. It is an inlet and outlet for the products across the shore. When a country is in the process of development, it needs more capital goods along with the consumption goods. The tractors, implements, fertilizers and pesticides occupy a significant role in the development of farming sector.

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