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This paper examines the evolving food consumption pattern in India over the past two decades due to income induced diet diversification, impact of globalization, increasing urbanization and changing lifestyle of people.  The trend in calorie, protein and fat intake in the Indian diet is analyzed and comparison is made of the trend in nutrient intake in India with that of China and the United States, which are at different growth stages.  This will be helpful to draw some conclusion about the likely emerging food demand scenario for India in future. National Sample Survey Consumer Expenditure Survey results and the Food Balance Sheet data are the major data sources of the study. As the average per capita food consumption is derived from all India data and not from state level data and from Monthly Per capita Consumer Expenditure (MPCE) groups, they may not correspond to actual per capita availability by various income groups. 

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Lakshmi , S. S., & Gayatri, M. (2019). Impact on Focus on Food Intake and Nutrients In India – Overview. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 690-695. Retrieved from