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At present, India’s retail sector is highly unorganized, with an estimated 15 million tiny outlets

catering to individual needs and employing the second largest number of people after agriculture. The retail giants are targeting the 300 million in the middle class and the additional 200 million in the rural area, who from a consumer market worth more than $ 100 billion India’s retailing landscape, has more than 12 million mom-and pop stores that are not likely to watch their business erode as foreign companies encroach on their territory. But gaining early mover advantage could make tacking all of this issue worthwhile. The organized retail sector has witnessed tremendous revenue growth over the last few years with existing players scaling up with new models, verticals, markets and larger store size. In order to cash in on the huge growth potential with these new retail models, large Indian conglomerate and International players are joining the bandwagon.

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