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India is the world largest producer of major agriculture products and it is based on agro-climatic conditions and rich in natural resources and it improves the living conditions of rural people. Indian agriculture products are strong position in the global market in recent times. This study explained why there is increase in agriculture imports and decline in agriculture exports in India. The objectives of the study is divided into three categories such as: the first objective isthe growth of agriculture imports and exports, balance of trade, the second objective is the Share of agriculture imports and exports and trend analysis and the third objective is the share of agriculture GDP to total GDP and the relationship between agriculture imports and exports and total GDP. This study is based on the time series data from 1990-91 to 2013-14 of value of crores in Rupees. The data were collected from Agricultural Statistics at A Glance 2014and Hand Book of Statistics on The Indian Economy 2014-15.

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