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Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. Although the sector accounts for 15 percent of the national GDP, as well as roughly 11 percent of its exports, half the population still relies on agriculture as the most important source of income, and agriculture is a source of raw material for a large number of domestic industries. India ranks second in total farm output on a global level. During 2013-14 the total production of cereals amounted to 245.6 million tonnes. The horticulture production reached 277.4 million tonnes in 2013-14, representing a 66.2 percent increase from 2004-05. The dairy sector is one of the major livelihood activities in rural India, and a significant contributor to the country’s agricultural economy. With an estimated 139.7 million tonnes of production, the country is responsible for approximately 17 percent of global milk production, the majority of which is consumed domestically.

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