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Flowers, by nature attract every human being as well as other creatures. The importance and role of flowers in socio-cultural and religious life of the Indian people can hardly be exaggerated. Though flower cultivation had been practiced in India since time immemorial, floriculture blossomed into a viable and profitable business only in recent decades. The present day floriculture industry happens to be dynamic, globally competitive, fast-growing and witnessed significant growth in area under cultivation, production and export during the past few years. Scope of floriculture had increased tremendously in India which was evident from exponential increase in area from 4,000 ha during 1970’s to 2, 55,000 ha during 2015-16 and production of loose flower 2, 33,000 mt (1993-94) to 17, 54,000 mt (2015-16) and also it was observed to increase in cut flower production from 555 million number (1993-94) to 76,731 million number (2015- 16).

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Manoharan .R. (2019). A Study on Factors Motivating Farmers Towards Jasmine Cultivation in Nilakottai Taluk of Dindigul District. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 461-467. Retrieved from