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India is the largest number hungry people in the world. In the Indian ranks at has 67 out of 112 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2010, while ‘it has 2012 GHI’ (IFPRI) ranks it at 65 among 79 countries. Likewise, malnutrition in India, in particular among children and women, is widespread, acute and even alarming. As per a Global Survey Report released by Save the Children on 19 July 2012, India is ranked at 112 among the 141 nations as regards Child Development Index (CDI). And there are disparities across various sections of the society as well as states. Obviously, poverty is the main cause of hunger and malnutrition, low level of awareness being another major cause. Accordingly, poverty eradication and awareness rising are essential to achieve ‘zero hunger and malnutrition’ in India.

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