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In the present research work an attempt has been made to examine the differentials in availability of amenities among different clans of Bawaria caste in Rewari district of Haryana state. Primary data has been collected from 130 sample households of selected ten villages comprising 669 persons (346 males and 323 females). Only eight clans such asĀ Ikghotia, Belda, Bhaghotia, Dhundhadiya, Khodiwala, Dabariya, Badgujjar, and RathoreĀ were identified during the survey. The analysis is based on nine selected aspects covering as many as 37 variables. These variables were assigned weighted scores to derive composite score. Thereafter, the differentials among highest and lowest average weighted score of all the selected aspects have been identified among the clans. It is found that in terms of the differences in average composite weighted score across the selected aspects, electric appliances top the list. This is followed by furniture, sanitation facility, house types, automobiles, number of rooms and drinking water facility in that order.

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Ashu Rani, & K.V. Chamar. (2019). Differentials in Availability of Amenities among Bawaria Caste in Rewari District: A Clan Wise Analysis. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(7), 71-84. Retrieved from