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This study investigates to improve the flash flood early warning system in the north-eastern parts of Bangladesh. Flash Flood is a major problem and is increasing day-by-day in the north-eastern parts of Bangladesh. The huge amount of economic and life losses every year due to these floods demands for an up to date warning system which will able to notify general peoples of the affected areas. Primary data is collected from the study (Kamalganj, Maulovibazar) which are mostly vulnerable during the flash flood season. Secondary data is collected by performing reconnaissance survey and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). From the survey about 67% respondents complained that their personal property damage by flash flood, more than 87% people claimed about the life loss of human and other animals. About 100% people claimed that there has no any warning system in this region as well as 79% said about negative to awareness program and at least 83% respondents demanded about the warning system technology development. Most of the people in this region use mobile phone which can be used as an effective tool by integrating them in a flash flood early warning system. So, this study developed a warning device which is able to send warning through SMS when the water exceeds the normal level measured by a sensor. There was implemented the demo device to identity its efficiency. The device was found to be working accordingly. Some feedbacks were collected from respondents and professionals on the device and their thoughts on implementing this kind of device in their respective areas. The results were positive and research team observed positive response from the respondents as well. This result suggests future research is needed to develop advanced warning system that is able to provide warnings to the affected people covering more areas affected with flash flood.

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Anik Pal, Jakariya, M., Rahman, M. A., & Yeasmin, M. (2019). Improve the Flash Flood Early Warning System in the North-Eastern Parts of Bangladesh. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(7), 67-79. Retrieved from