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Social audit can be used in the various sectors like health, water, financial institution, organizations, companies, public and private sectors. With the help of social audit, industries can measure their performance. The social audit got a legal statue after incorporation of the 73rd amendment to the Indian constitution regarding panchayati raj institutions. This amendment gave power to gramsabha to conduct social audits and it has with this historic amendment that the concept of social audit gained importance in our country. The gramasabha shall conduct regular social audit of all the projects under the scheme taken up with in gram panchayat. So this study analyzed the performance of PRIs through social audit practice. It is purely based on primary data which has used convenient method of sampling method. The result has contributed that, social audit practice through gramsabha has developed the rural area but still there is a need for effective implementation of social audit practice. So government should provide training to panchayat raj employees to effectively carry social audit apart from this other institutions such as NGOs need to support villagers to conduct social audit.

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