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Attempts to increase grain production at the national level are the best efforts to increase the production and productivity of wheat and rice crops. Globally green revolution means that the productivity of wheat and rice crops is used only in a limited sense, with a significant increase in the short term. Considering the drought and hot climate of Maharashtra weather wheat-like crops cannot be grown in large quantities. Wheat is the major food crop of Aurangabad district and people of Maharashtra, small efforts have been made to increase its productivity. As a result, the production of wheat per hectare has increased from 442 kg to 1761 kg in the last 50 years. Aurangabad district has a population of around 38 lakh. Wheat is the important food crop in Aurangabad district. The northern part of the district is mountainous. Rainfall is low in most areas but population is increasing day by day. Efforts should be made to increase the production per hectare of wheat to meet the growing population's need for food. Agriculture productivity s measured as the ratio of agricultural outputs from agriculture inputs. While every products are usually measured by weight, their changing densities make measuring overall agricultural output difficult.

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