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Before stressing about the ways of incorporating culture into English as a foreign language classroom, it should be mentioned that culture plays a great role in teaching and learning language.Due to the usage of authentic materials and effective techniques for presenting culture in the classroom, the teachers almost totally aim their pedagogical goals: clear explanation of the topic and strong, understandable process by students. As a proof of our words, we can emphasize that learner of a foreign language comprehends the topic if it is covered with culture-awareness activities.It has been widely recognized that culture and language is used as a main medium through which culture is expressed. Taking all this into consideration, the intention of this article has been to provide necessary information for the foreign language teachers and learners so that they can establish a good connection with the target language and its culture. 

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Gaybullayeva Dildora Fayzullaqizi, & Bakhridinova Nargiza Sobirovna. (2020). he Ways Of Incorporating Culture Into Efl Classroom. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 1349-1358. Retrieved from