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  Microcredit refers to the provision of micro loans to the very poor and marginal people so as to ensure poverty reduction and upliftment of their standard of living. It plays a major role in the world today in enhancing and developing a better financial option, especially, for the unbanked population. There are many different methodologies or models of offering microcredit. So the banks and the Microfinance Institutions offering Microcredit have their own strategy of delivering it. One such successful methodology is the delivery of microcredit through Joint Liability Mechanism. Thus the present study is an attempt to identify the opinion of the Respondent members of Grama Vidiyal Microfinance Limited, one of the leading MFIs in India, towards this product delivery strategy.

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Chakravarthy.C, G. (2019). An Empirical Study on Joint Liability Lending Strategy of Grama Vidiyal Microfinance Limited in Tiruchy. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(8), 377-385. Retrieved from