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In recent years, the emerging field of neuromarketing, which makes use of brain research in a managerial context, has gained increasing popularity in the academic literature as well as the practical world. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to evaluate on the emotional influence response to stimuli with the neuromarketing tools on traditional marketing inputs in order to have a properunderstanding of consumer behavior. The increased use of neuromarketing techniques for the evaluation of customer preferences and decision-making processes is considered to be an advantage for customers and marketers simultaneously. This research paper explores the role of emotional processes and neuro scientific research into these processes from a theoretical and practical standpoint. The theoretical review explores the areas of the brain usually attributed to emotions in neuroscientific research, how the study of emotions in influencing behavior and choice has altered behavioral economic theory, perception and preference to elements of the marketing mix, and advertising effectiveness measure.

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K. Archana. (2019). A Theoretical Review on Neuromarketing and Its Evaluation of Emotional Response of The Consumers To Marketing Stimuli. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(8), 298-303. Retrieved from