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It is said that the next world war will be fought not for money but for water. The main causes for the drying up of rivers are urban encroachment and deforestation as well as unsustainable extraction of ground water and loss of traditional knowledge. Urban encroachment led to the destruction of the catchment areas that feed the river, while deforestation has loosened the soil’s water-holding capacity. Water resource management encompasses activities that plan, develop and rejuvenate the existing water bodies. Untenable water exploitation denotes irrational consumption of the resources, thus water management also encompasses, proper allocation of water supply. Water is indispensable kind of resource that we all need for every single activity so effort towards stop wastage is herculean task. Tradition knowledge can resolve this problem. In some states of India many NGO’s, organizations and even Government officers have already took this challenge with the help of traditional knowledge.

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