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India is witnessing fast decline in   maternal mortality rates and neo natal mortality rates. Maternal mortality rates has declined from 254 to 167 (per 100000 live births) from 2004-06 to 2011-13.Neo mortality rates neonatal mortality rates has also shown a decline from 21 in2011 to 28 in 2013(SRS Statistical Report).This decline inmaternal and neo natal mortality rates can be associated with the increase in the institutional delivery rates in the country. The institutional delivery a rate which was 38.7% in India in 2005-2006 has up surged to 78.7% in 2015-2016. The disparity between rural and urban areas in the institutional delivery   rates has also declined in the same time period. The institutional delivery rates  was 28.9% and 67.5%  in 2005-2006 for rural and urban areas  which shot up to 88.7%  and 75.1% in 2015-16.(NFHS 3 and NFHS 4).

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