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Entrepreneurship education is very important to the educated youth. However, educated youth of rural areas continuously migrate to towns and cities in search of jobs and also day by day the number of educated unemployed has been increasing. Moreover, those who have left the educational institutions may not get the reasonable remunerative job. Therefore, the educational institutions should adopt entrepreneurship educational strategies for promoting self - reliance among the students and persuade them with innovative ideas, new ventures and new techniques to match the global challenges in the contest of new demand. There is a need of the hour to washing out the old methods of teaching entrepreneurship education. The new teaching methods of entrepreneurship education aspires the students to become entrepreneurs. Thus, this paper focus on the need of entrepreneurship education teaching methods should induce the students to become entrepreneurs in India. Universities and colleges all across the world are increasingly trying to become more entrepreneurial, in order to stay competitive, generate new sources of income through licensing or contract research, and follow policy guidelines from governments.

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