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India will grow between 6to8 percent annually and will become the third or fifth largest economy of the world in this period.(for a model based on which these projections are derived after some modifications taking into account recent experience, see pandit,2004 and alagh,2000).The investment rate and productivity growth will be the drivers. For example, around a third of India’s GDP growth in 1997/2003 is technology driven. Trade will also matter –will become around 4 percent of world trade. First, in most recognizable way, the Eleventh plan brings a shift, the way we look at economic growth. In its own way the plan emphasized not only on ‘growth. It recognized that that increase in aggregate income is critical –and an extremely important one-but its distribution in favors of poor is equally important for inclusive development and growth to is poverty reducing. Second aspect is that, in more explicit way it also recognized that poor.

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