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The rapid increase in production of organic paddy is creating new and more complex challenges for marketing. The study and understanding of existing marketing practices and issues of organic producers will help the stake holders, authorities, researchers and producers to identify the loopholes and plug them correctly. India is a large country with inherent geographic, ecological and cultural diversity and providing safe food to the nation is a challenging task. Production and marketing of organic paddy is one of the way outs for providing safe food to the people. So, in order to analyse the opportunities and constraints in organic paddy marketing, a study was conducted in Thanjavur district, taking a sample size of 60. Major findings emanated from the study which is based on the analysis on the constraints faced by the organic paddy farmers revealed that the prime constraint was the “risk of low yield” for the initial two years of transition from conventional to organic farming.

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Kumar, M. S. R. (2019). Challenges and Oppourtunities of Marketing Practices on Organic Paddy in Thanjavur District. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 1013-1018. Retrieved from