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The export of live items has been gaining momentum in the recent years. Of the live items exported, lobster and mud crab command high demand and price in South East Asian countries. The lobsters with I to 1.5 kg weight get a price of about Rs 1200-1500 per kg at the landing centres. Similarly sea horse having medicinal value fetches about Rs 75 per piece of 10-14 cm length. Sea cucumbers of high quality command a local price of Rs 400 per kg. The by-products of marine fishing industry can be scientifically utilized to provide better returns to fishermen. Prawn shells and head wastes thrown out from processing industries is estimated at 50,000-60,000 tonnes annually. The fish marketing in India is gradually transforming from traditional to modern system. In spite of this the involvement of a large number of middlemen affects the interests of both the fishermen and consumers.

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