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Generally in Economics, the land, labour, capital and orgainsation are described as the main factors of production in all the production process. The foodgrains production in Tamil Nadu has been influenced by a number of determinants including gross area under irrigation. The state has only 4 per cent of the land area and 3 per cent of the water resources of the country. Of the total area under foodgrains, only 60 per cent of the area is irrigated. The present article analyses the trend and growth of gross area under irrigation and its influence on foodgrains production in Tamil Nadu during the thirty years of the study period from 1985-86 to 2014-15. Among the three periods of the study period, the trend values of gross area irrigated (-0.147 thousand hectares) was found to be lesser and negative during the second period than in the first and the third periods of the study. Similarly the percentage change of gross area under irrigated was negative and lesser during the second period.

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