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This research paper is to know the reasons for stress and its affect the work and life of women employees. Increasing work pressure, financial needs and recent technology are some factors that increase stress for women. This is based upon the current study made on above topic .It is clearly pictures the problem of women employee faced in  balancing work life and how  stress affect women personally and officially. Stress is unavoidable on the part of employees irrespective of the gender. Working women face more stress than others, its due to dual responsibility they handle, when responsibility increases work burden also increases and create stress which affects their living, women have more work life conflicts and find themselves complicated in handling stress. There by how they overcome the problems. 

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Vivek .M. (2019). A Study on Stress and Its Effect on Work Life Balance of Women Employees in Hospital With Reference To Thanjavur District. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 654-658. Retrieved from