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Marketing is the process of creating and maintaining customers for their products. Branding is one of the important strategy of marketing to retain the existing customers and also to create new customers. Brand is an identification of the product in the market where more number of competitive substitutes are available. Branding is a practice of giving a specified name to a product or a group of products of a seller. Branding is the process of finding and fixing the means of identification. Brand equity is that the power of a brand lies in the minds of consumers and what they have experienced and learned about brand over time. Brand equity creates the consumer relationship by bringing consumers and marketers closer by developing a bond of faith and trust between them.

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Naveen Kumar. A. (2019). A Study on Brand Equity Towards Samsung Mobile’s (With Special Reference To Vellore City). Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(12), 625-631. Retrieved from