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The hotel industry is highly competitive and like any other industry that markets a product in a highly competitive market, competing for the consumer's disposable income. This is particularly significant to the hotel situation in which there is less obvious competition on price, but centers more on issues of facilities, image service and the quality of that provision. While the hotels are offering intangible and perishable personal service encounters, managing these services in terms of offering quality experience to their guests, it must be of a paramount concern of any hotels, and the way in which personalized services are provided.At this juncture, the researchers have made an attempt to examine the service quality gap in the select star hotels in Coimbatore.This study is confined to the customers of the select star hotels in Coimbatore.  In the present study, the sampling involves two stages. In the first stage, by adopting stratified random sampling, 30 per cent of the hotels are selected from each category i.e. 10 three star hotels, 2 four star hotels and1 five star hotel.

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