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Kailasanathar temple is a well known Shiva temple, located at Natham Kovilpatti, an important one in the Dindigul district. The history of Kailasanathar temple has been traced since Twelth century A. D. This sacred temple was built by the Pandya king Jadavarman Kulasekara Pandya(1190 – 1216 A. D.). The Nayaks further extended the temple for protecting from the enemies. The Nayak ruler who contributed his share to this temple was Lingamma Nayak(1595 – 1603 A. D.). The famous Kailasanathar temple which stands as beautiful monument on the southern bank of river Thirumanimuthaaru is one among the fourteen places of worship for the Saivities under the Pandyas. This place lies 36 kilometres east of Dindigul and 38 kilometres north of Madurai.

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