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As the old social structures are first crumbling and a new social order, rational, human and liberal, is emerging on the global scene, the question of women has acquired great importance among all the communities, throughout the world. Women’s study appears to be paradoxical study. In India a women is worshipped as a goddess, she is made to entice customers in numerous brothels; a women joins the army to defend the country and at same time she is unable to save herself from greedy in-laws; women head government, but they are burnt on the pyres of their husbands as sati and women excel in male bastions, such as law, science, literature, medicine and engineering, yet there are 60 per cent of them who do not even know how write their names. Indeed, an ideal Indian women is elusive for some have freed themselves from the shackles of dead traditions, as others yet remain weak and fettered.

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J. KALAVATHI, & P. RAMAR. (2019). Government Policies Towards The Production Of Women’s Rights In India. Thematics Journal of Geography, 8(11), 1-9. Retrieved from