Performance Analysis of Heavy Earth Moving Machineries (HEMM) In Open Cast Mines

  • Amitap Mishra
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


Open cast mining in the today’s world has cyclic reappearance with prominent role in to mining sphere. Now-a-days the extent of mineral own by open cast mining is increases from year to year. This is due to the rapid strides made in the field of manufacture of open pit machinery. There has been a design explosion in the field of machinery, which have grown into enormous sizes with production capacities hitherto unimagined. The major part of initial capital investment in any opencast mining goes towards the transportation and excavation equipment, their objective is to get maximum return per unit of investment. Time loss in operation due to idleness, breakdown of machine is no more affordable to mine management in recent years. Improper utilization of HEMMs have negative consequences on the production, productivity and production cost leading to loss of revenue.