The Effect of Ventilation on Spontaneous Heating of Coal

  • Vollala Laxman
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


The auto-oxidation of coal is a complex physico-chemical process which is accompanied by the absorption of oxygen, formation of coal oxygen complexes and their decomposition leading to the liberation of heat. This complexity of the process is enormous because of the great diversity in the coal substance with the associated mineral matter and the condition of the heterogeneous mass, concurrent and over lapping reactions takes place which are very difficult to separate out. The rate of oxidation of coal at ambient temperature gives a measure of the proneness of coal to auto oxidation. From the economics stand point, even a small incidence in auto oxidation causes loss of production when it becomes necessary to seal off a section or a district resulting in the possible loss of machinery and the deterioration of reserves is potentially great. Fires in coal mines are one of the serious problems of Indian coal mining industry.