Application of Remote Sensing In Mining

  • Chennam Vijay Raju
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


Mines need a controlling system in many places to improve the production of the mine, to  manage and enhance safety of workers as well environment. The important goal of this paper is  first to acquaint the remote sensing technology, then secondly to introduce the available  technologies in the field of mining. Multiple case studies and imageries have been used to showthe techniques.  Remote sensing technology is widely used in detection of earth resources, prediction of  earthquake and volcanic eruption, monitoring of environmental pollution as well as departments such as metallurgy, geology, oil, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, surveying and mapping,  weather, ocean and so on. Remote sensing technology is superior with characteristics of wide  range, fast speed and low cost in monitoring and is convenient for long-term dynamic monitoring,  etc. In mine monitoring, remote sensing data such as MSS, LandsatTM, ETM, SPOT, IKINOS,  QUICKBIRD and so on are commonly used(Cheng Ting, 2006)