An Insight on Salvaging Methodology and Installation of Long wall Machinery

  • Chippa Harish Kumar
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


In India, lot of coal reserves exist up to 300m depth, are more amenable for extraction by opencast mining. Bulk production is possible with Opencast mining, with low gestation period, more safety and high percentage of extraction compared to underground methods. Hence coal operators are inclined towards opencast mining methods. India is the third largest coal producer in the world and is producing nearly 89% of coal from opencast mining and 11% from underground mining (2014-15)[1]. In India, the gap between the demand and indigenous availability of coal has been rising. Presently, coal imports are about 99 Million tonnes. The import requirement is projected to be 265 Mt by 2016-17. This gap is likely to widen further beyond XII Plan period leading to requirement of hefty imports. This unacceptable gap can be limited only by an all out effort by domestic coal producers [1].