Geotechnical Investigation on Ore Reserves in India

  • Boga Rakesh
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


Coal is the primary sources of energy and there is an increase in demand for coal production to meet the requirements of the industries and the amount of refuse generated is also increasing alarmingly. Increased mining of thinner seams or of inferior coal may even lead to larger amount of coal refuse, resulting in serious environmental and stability problems. This refuse is mostly disposed in the form of refuse piles and behind embankment type remaining structures. At present, with the exception of some small scale underground waste disposal operations in abandoned coal mines, most of this waste is disposed at the surface, which inevitably requires excessive planning and control to minimize the environmental impact of mining. It also results in non-productive use of land, air and water pollution, possible failure of waste embankments, and the loss of aesthetic value of the land.