Optimization and Conservation of Oils and Lubricants on HEMM

  • Sayed Sayeeduddinzabi
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils represent the group of lubricants designed especially for trucks, commercial vehicles including buses and agricultural and heavy-industry machinery, such as that used in mining. Lubrita DEO (Diesel Engine Oils) are formulated to meet and exceed the performance requirements of many of today’s off-highway engines. It provides superior soot handling and acid neutralization capabilities, making it suitable for modern diesel engines. Lubrita DEO offers the perfect performance and protection for your equipment. Lubricating the interior of a heavy-duty engine properly requires more than just the creation of a protective oil film, as this is very important to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Lubrita heavy-duty diesel engine oils deliver fuel savings, offer protection for longer equipment life, improved efficiency through synthetic oil technology, and extended ODI (oil drain intervals). Lubrita lubricants protect driveline components against wear, acids and deposits. Heavy-Duty Engine Oils are developed for especially high performance to disperse soot and control sludge to extend your engine's life. The range of Heavy-Duty Engine Oils offered by Lubrita DEO lets you choose the oil that is best suited for your machinery, reducing maintenance costs and engine wear and prolonging service life.