Deployment Of Continuous Miner in Underground Coal Mines

  • Jangili Praveen Kumar
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


The continuous miner technology (CMT) is being adopted extensively in underground coal mines of India as Mass Production Technology (MPT). This technology potentially eliminates the two-unit operating, namely the drilling and blasting. This elimination helps for better strata control and avoids the drillers working in unsafe conditions, maybe under the loose coal roof. This CMT improves the quality of the coal extracted and increases the output per man shift (OMS) by reducing the deployment of face crew. It also reduces the accident as it is operated by remote and workforce exposure to faces is limited. The method also helps for better roof and side control, thus preventing side and roof fall danger. With the changing time now, continuous miners of different heights are available, which helps for optimum use of technology to mine out varying insitu height of coal seam. This paper discusses the performance of the CMT in the Sarpi mine and compares the technology available globally.