Environmental Reclamation In Mining Industry

  • Badde Hari Babu
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar Patel


In the present day, Europe is moving away from fossil fuels. This is due to the need to reduce CO2 emissions released to the atmosphere. As a result of this process, especially in Upper Silesia, Poland, there will be more areas requiring measures after the closing of mines. Reclamation of post-mining areas is a very difficult task, as there is no universal method of planning the recultivation. During mining operations, we observed many forms of environmental degradation. The article presents the use of one of the newer and increasingly used modeling methods in recultivation processes—the process map. Analysis of the investment is presented, based on the example of the recultivation of a pit after closing the hard coal mine. The main purpose of the analysis was to shorten the designing time of the construction and realization process. Two maps of processes were made, and a map of the existing and desired processes, as well as the benefits from this, are shown. This article presents only one of the stages of the recultivation process—the investment project process—, treating it as an example for optimizing the entire project related to recultivation.