Factors affecting prevalence of stunting and associated factor among children aged 6-59 months, in Kosti Locality, White Nile State, Sudan

  • Eptihag Abdelrahman
  • Prof. Magda Ahmed
  • Sharaf Eldeen Idriss
  • Maha Haj Sharfi4
  • Gamalat Dawood
  • Binyameen Mohammed Hemidan Sambu
  • Fadia Edris Hamdan Adam
  • Sara Ahmed Adam


Malnutrition was one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality among under five children in throughout the World. The objective of this study to assess the factors affecting prevalence of stunting and associated factors among less than five years children in Kosti Locality, White Nile State, Sudan. A cross-sectional community based study was conducted from 15 December to 31 January 2021, multistage cluster sampling technique followed by simple random sampling was used to select 807 children from households/care takers. Data were collected by trained community health volunteers and four qualified dietician workers under regular supervision. Data were entered into EPI-INFO version 10 software packages and SPSS version 24.0 software. Structured questionnaire and anthropometric measurement were collected using the procedure stipulated by the WHO (2006), Associations and correlations of the variables were computed using the Chi-square, 95% CI and. Variables with P value less than 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Study findings the prevalence of stunted were 51.4% , which the child sex, Family size, complementary feeding  and monthly income were  significant  associated.while  prelacteal feeding , exclusive breast feeding , level of education and sources of drinking water we’re affecting factors As conclusion the prevalence of stunting was high in our study area, the efforts focus on the factors affect and associated with prevalence of stunting, they were,  parent education, occupational status, and receiving of complementary feeding, which  the presence of infection in the past two weeks were predictors to more  significant associated. But the frequency of diarrhea was an only variable was not associated with stunting.