Study of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning in Digital India

  • Dr. Divanshu Dixit


Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are a wake-up call to policymakers in India, with every one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship programs likely to be directly affected within the next few years. With China making rapid progress in AI-based research, it is imperative that India view AI as a critical element of national security strategy. Spurring AI-based innovation and establishing AI-ready infrastructure are thus necessary to prepare India’s jobs and skills markets for an AI-based future and to secure its strategic interests.

India has a large demographic of young population trained in Information Technology. However, the overall condition of the country in terms of digitization and technical infrastructure has not achieved its full potential. Most processes are still not digitized, and if they are, it is less than appropriate. The demographic dividend however can be used to the advantage of the country and digitization of processes. Seeing this potential, the Indian Union government doubled the Budget dedicated to AI for 2018, and has started promoting its development.